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EcoMed Disposable Curtains Showing Up in TV Again!
Date: 7th November, 2019


The most popular crime TV play << The Man Who Kills Problems>> started its first season in TVB last week. As one of the most important scene, the hospital VIP wards were taken in Union Hosptial Hong Kong which is one of the biggest and famous private hospitals. EcoMed helped supply lilac mesh top disposable curtains to make it looks more elegant and comfortable for the leading role who is the big boss of the group. 

When we first got the inquiry from the play shooting group, we were thinking to use our standard 2 meters high eyelet fit disposable curtains. However we were told that the cubicle tracks in Union Hospital were fixed in ceiling, which means we have to make extra high disposable curtains to fit it correctly. And to allow the air and water can go through the wards if there was fire, we need to stitch mesh on top to make it extra high. It would also let light go through the mesh and make the whole room looks bright and healthy. 

After solving the problem of dimension of the cubicle curtains, we have to choose the right color for the VIP wards. Finally, we choose lilac for it as we were requested to make a curtains to stand for elegance and lurxry. Lilac is one of the colors can clam people down. It's widely used in recovery rooms in hospitals. 

"All people like the lilac disposable curtains." The shooting group told us happily, "EcoMed has became their only choice for making all hospital or medical scenes. "

Now let's expect the second season!

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