It’s time to switch to disposable curtains

EcoMed antimicrobial and flame retardant disposable cubicle curtains are the quick,
economical and hygienic alternative to conventional cubicle curtains

  • Antimicrobial

    Treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection
  • Flame retardant

    Meet British and American Flame retardant standards
  • Cost effective

    Purchase at lower cost and no laundry or maintenance costs
  • Easy to use

    The easier way to fit or replace a curtain in 60 seconds
  • 100% Recyclable

    Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene non woven

EcoMed Disposable Curtains Selection Guide

Measuring and installing beautiful disposable cubicle curtains will be
a breeze with our step-by-step instructions.

  • Curtain Width
    The most common widths for cubicle are: 7.5m for long section (Curtain A & B), 4.5m for middle section(Curtain C). 2.5m and other sizes are available for different cubicles.
  • Curtain Drop
    The most common drop for track suspended from ceiling is 2m. (Drawing 1) Extra drop with 10cm-80cm of mesh top for track fixed to ceiling to help meet fire codes by allowing light, water and air circulation. (Drawing 2)
One size fits all. The EcoMed disposable cubicle curtains are designed to be fully compatible with most existing popular tracks meaning no inlays or new tracking is required. No matter what type of tracking systems you are using, EcoMed patented smart hooks just fit it perfectly.
Silent Gliss


Mova Track


Marlux Track

CS Track
  • Colors
    We offer 7 top sell fresh and clean colors which suit most healthcare environments. (Other colors are available upon request, subject to quantity. Click here to choose your favorite colors.)
    • Medical BlueMB
    • Light Blue LB
    • Light GreenLG
    • CreamCM
    • PinkPK
    • LilacLC
    • Cool GreyCG

The easiest way to fit and replace a new curtain

EcoMed disposable curtains are made from 100% polypropylene, weighing far less than conventional
curtains and so are easy and quick to fit and replace in less than 60 seconds!

  • Simply slot the curtain onto the rail, with no individual fitting of hangers required.
  • Once the curtain is hanging, remove the protective, hygienic polythene wrapper.
  • Date the customized label to ensure it will be changed after the correct time interval.
  • When not in use, just fold away against the wall using the curtain fastening.
See? You can fit or replace a disposable curtain in so easy 4 steps!
For specific answers that relate to disposable curtains installation please contact us directly.


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