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  • Are the curtains fire retardant?
    • Yes. Each EcoMed disposable cubicle curtain complies with the same fire retardancy standards as conventional cubicle curtains: 

      BS 5867 Part 2 Type C 2008 (British Standard);

      NFPA 701: 2023 (American Standard);

      AS 2755.2 2013, AS/NZ 1530.3: 1999 (Australian and New Zealand Standards); 

      ● EN13772, EN13773 Class 1 (European Standards). 

      We test every batch of every curtain. Testing reports are avaialble upon request.

  • Do EcoMed disposable curtains cost less than conventional curtains?
    • Yes. The use of EcoMed disposable curtains provides a cost effective solution to the management of hospital curtains:
      Much cheaper than conventional cubicle curtains
      No curtain laundry costs
      No capital outlay for curtains
      No disruption to ward area during change of curtains

  • Can we use existing tracking?
    • Yes. EcoMed disposable curtains have been developed to fit directly to the vast majority of cubicle curtain track currently in use. There is no need for costly modifications to your track. Furthermore you can switch between conventional and disposable curtains at any time. Our curtain hooks are fully compatible with:


  • Does the fabric support bacterial growth?
    • No. Each disposable cubicle curtain is treated with Ultra-Fresh® silver antimicrobial additives. The silver antimicrobial additives(EPA&FDA registered) is not a spray-on, is built into the polymer structure of the non-woven fabric at the point of manufacture. The antibacterial active is evenly distributed throughout the whole curtain. Its effectiveness will last the life of the curtains. It's proven to be effective agains MRSA, E. Coli, VRE, P. aeruginosa, C. difficile and etc. Testing reports are available upon request.

  • How often do the curtains need to be changed?
    • It is an industry standard that the curtains are changed every 6 months. EcoMed curtains are durable and have shown that they can stay hanging for upto TWO years, however we would recommend that each hospital carries out it's own assessment to set the frequency at which the curtains should be changed in different areas. Each curtain has a self audit label so that you can easily see when it was last changed and can be included within your existing infection control procedures.

  • What colors are available?
    • We offer 10 stocked most popular colours, along with custom peadiatric printing patterns which suit most healthcare environments:
      • Medical Blue • Light Blue • Forest Green • Light Green • Yellow • Cream • Peach • Pink • Lilac • Light Grey
      Other colours are available upon request, subject to quantity. 

  • Are the curtains available in varying lengths?
    • Yes. Three regular sizes of disposable curtains are available:

      Small - 2.5 meters (1.8 meters track length) 

      Medium - 4.5 meters (3.6 meters track length) 

      Large - 7.5 meters (5.4 meters track length). 

      Combined with our custom making service, we can offer options to suit every cubicle or window requirement.

  • How are the curtains labeled?
    • Details of the date that the curtains have been fitted, the fire retardancy and the re-order code are clearly visible to allow simple auditing procedures to be applied.

  • Are the disposable curtains made from environmentally friendly fabric?
    • Yes. The EcoMed disposable curtains are made from 100% polypropylene which has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any material - synthetic or traditional.

  • How do we dispose of the curtains?
    • As part of our environmental policy we are able to offer a nationwide waste collection service. However, in some circumstances where hospital risk assessments dictate, waste should be classified as clinical waste, (e.g., isolation rooms where disposable aprons and gloves are used) then disposable curtains should be integrated into risk assessed procedures.

  • What is Ultra-Fresh antibacterial protection?
    • Ultra-Fresh antibacterial protection is built into disposable curtains to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould or mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration. When used in conjunction with good hygiene practices, Ultra-Fresh technology works between cleanings to inhibit the growth of these broad spectrum bacteria and moulds, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

  • How does Ultra-Fresh work?
    • Ultra-Fresh antibacterial protection is built into disposable curtains to prevent the growth of bacteria, mould or mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration. When used in conjunction with good hygiene practices, Ultra-Fresh technology works between cleanings to inhibit the growth of these broad spectrum bacteria and moulds, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

  • How do I know if Ultra-Fresh is safe?
    • Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and have a long history of safe use, across a wide range of product types. The biocidal active components of Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives are notified with the Biocidal Products Directive.

  • How durable is Ultra-Fresh antibacterial technology?
    • Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives are built in for the useful life of the disposable curtains; they will not wash out, or wear away. 

      Durability studies have been successfully carried out to simulate a range of conditions that demonstrate the performance of the technology being used, during the useful life of the product.

  • Is Ultra-Fresh nanotechnology?
    • Recently, numerous reports and concerns have been raised about the use of nanotechnology. The antibacterial products developed and used by Ultra-Fresh are not based on nanoparticle technology. Therefore, our antibacterial technologies are not linked to the concerns reported or associated with nanotechnology based antibacterials.

      This statement also applies to Ultra-Fresh silver additives which are approved for use in plastic materials and articles that are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

  • Is it possible to recycle disposable curtains with built-in Ultra-Fresh technology?
    • Ultra-Fresh treated disposable curtains will contain the antibacterial treatment until the end of their useful life and until recycled. The active antibacterial additive will be present at low concentrations at the point of recycling. If, for example, the disposable curtains fabric is re-melted and mixed with other post consumer waste of a similar type, the active antibacterial will be diluted but still remain in the resultant blend. The antibacterial efficacy will diminish as the additive is diluted during the recycling process.

  • How do Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives differ from disinfectants?
    • Disinfectants are an instant but short term solution that provides only a limited residual activity once the treated surface dries. Bacteria can then very quickly start to grow and reproduce. As an alternative, Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives guarantee long lasting protection, continuously working to prevent the growth of bacteria throughout the entire lifecycle of disposable curtains.

Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact us directly.