We design, we produce
We are a leading effective infection
control specialist, antimicrobial and
flame retardant disposable cubicle
curtains manufacture.
At a Glance
EcoMed Technologies is an innovator in developing and supplying world class infection control disposable medical products. People from hospitals, emergency services and clinics have trusted in EcoMed since we're found.

In earlier 2012, we launched next generation antimicrobial and flame retardant disposable cubicle curtains, which provides a amazing safer and better environment for patients, families and staff in hospitals. Together with full range of disposable medical products EcoMed has totally improved the wards space to a new level.

Besides striving for the highest quality and common interfaces between our products, EcoMed also focuses on the protection of our environment and our natural resources. Each EcoMed curtain is made from 100% polypropylene non woven which has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any material - synthetic or traditional.

To deliver high quality products at low cost, in accordance with the needs and requirements of our customers. Keeping up with tight schedules and prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Being the preferred world wide solution partner for hospital curtains with our high quality standards and customer satisfaction policy.
Our clients tell us we are different. With a passion for caring, you will find our team guys confident, friendly and
easy to work with. We expect to be measured on quality, integrity, and above all, results."
We believe that real care makes a real difference.
And by "difference", we mean "better".
We care quality
We care every process of manufacturing, we care material, we care stitching, we care packing and all.
We care customer
We satisfy our customers every time. We are proud of and make commitments that we deliver.
We care our people
We support and value our colleagues and enjoy working together as a team in a open and honest way.
We care environment
We operate ethically, taking the long-term view to achieve growth while safeguarding the environment.
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